Kellyanne Conway defends Trump's reality TV work: 'Were we so concerned' about Obama's golf?
Kellyanne Conway (CNN)

Kellyanne Conway insisted that Donald Trump continuing to serve as executive producer of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" was perfectly normal and no different from other presidents playing golf.

"He's a very transparent guy -- everybody can see what he's doing," said Conway, who has defended her boss for refusing to release his tax returns. "The fact is, he's conferring with all types of experts to tell him what he's allowed to do and not to do as the president of the United States, and if this is one of the approved activities, then perhaps he'll consider staying on."

CNN's Alisyn Camerota said she wasn't concerned about whether Trump was ethically permitted to serve as executive producer of a reality TV show, but she worried that it would distract him from serving as chief executive of the United States.

"Well, okay, but were we so concerned about the hours and hours spent on the golf course of the current president?" Conway said. "I mean, presidents have a right to do things in their spare time or their leisure time. I mean, nobody objects to that."

Camerota cut her off, laughing incredulously as she reminded Conway that many -- herself included -- objected to the time President Barack Obama spent playing golf, and she asked whether Trump would not play the sport as president.

"Maybe he will be," said Conway, whose boss has reportedly been taking just one intelligence briefing a week. "It certainly seems like there's a lot of time to do it, based on recent precedent, while you're president of the United States."

She argued that presidents deserved some free time to pursue leisure activities such as golf or network television production.

"The idea that these men are going to be all work and nothing else, all the time, it's just unrealistic because it's never happened in our lifetimes," Conway said. "I know Donald Trump very well, and I can tell you that work is his work, and work is his hobby."

Conway said the president-elect kept the metaphorical light on in his office at all times.

"It's a mystery to all of us when he even sleeps," Conway said. "I'm sure he's watching us right now."