Despite the Buffalo, New York School Board voting to oust fellow member Carl Paladino, he is refusing to resign, The Guardian reports.

Board President Barbara Seals Nevergold ripped Paladino up one side and down the other in a scathing speech before the vote Thursday.

“The impact on children of color, especially African-American children is incalculable,” she said. “How do we encourage them to use their God-given talents to soar, to reach for the stars, when a sitting board member responsible for their education demonstrates such contempt of their role models?”

The millionaire developer didn't attend the board meeting on Thursday, but in a radio interview Wednesday he told the station, “I’m the agent of change. I’m the guy that exposed the underbelly of their corrupt and dysfunctional school system, and they want me gone from the scene.”

Last week, Paladino said in an interview that he wanted to see President Obama dead of mad cow disease and First Lady Michelle Obama "return to being a male" and living with a gorilla in Zimbabwe. He later attempted to excuse the remarks because he was acting emotionally and swore his comments had "nothing to do with race." He said his remarks were a kind of "old-style humor."