Sam Bee blisters anti-choice GOP quietly destroying Roe while we're 'blinded by the Trump sh*tgeyser
Full Frontal host Samantha Bee -- TBS screenshot

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee went off on a breathless rant over GOP lawmakers who are doing everything they can to destroy a woman's right to reproductive choice while America is obsessed with President-elect Donald Trump's daily "sh*tgeyser" of non-presidential antics.

But before she unloaded on Republicans achieving their "wet dream" of overturning Roe, Bee gave a quick rundown of the latest Trump news that is horrifying the country

"You know, every day I wake up, take a breath, and turn to face the nonstop sh*tgeyser of presidential news," the TBS host explained. "The CIA says the Kremlin interfered in our election on behalf of Trump. Trump says 'who knows, could have been some guy.' Republican lawmakers are horrified. Or not. Trump says he doesn't need intelligence briefings because he is, 'like, a smart person.' He is putting an oil executive and false flag wingnut in charge of U.S. diplomacy. Or not. Is his transition team purging climate change believers from the Energy department, or just collecting their names for Secret Santa? Who the f*ck knows? It's too much. I hate it. Meanwhile, God only knows what the states are getting up to while our eyes are full of feces."

And she was just getting started....

Watch the video below via TBS: