SNL ridicules the incredible narcissism of Trump as we see the world through his eyes
John Cena as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live -- (NBC screen grab)

In a brilliantly-rendered video clip on Saturday Night Live, we see the world as Donald Trump sees it, where everyone adores him and he can do now wrong.

Called "Through Donald's Eyes," the president-elect greets the day with newspaper headlines that mirror his worldview and Fox & Friends singing his praises on the television.

When things goes poorly -- seeing a Hollywood actress calling him names on TV or Mike Pence trying to explain to him that there is work to be done -- his vision darkens, only to have constant aide Kellyanne Conway appear to sooth him with a calming, “Kellyanne will fix it. Mommy lives for you.”

In the end, he spends time with the only person who matters to him -- an idealized mirror-version of himself.

Watch the video below via NBC: