Sean Spicer defends calling Trump inaugural 'biggest ever': I was like a weather man who got it wrong
Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer -- (Fox News screen grab)

Embattled Trump Press Secretary Sean Sp[icer took his show on the road Tuesday night to the friendly confines of Fox News, defending his performance in his new job and attempting to explain away his disastrous Saturday night attack on the press over inaugural crowd sizes.

Appearing with an accommodating Sean Hannity, Spicer was greeted by the Fox host who claimed, "That's a hostile room in there," indicating the White House press room.

After walking down memory lane and recalling the recent election -- while complaining about the "mainstream media" -- Hannity got to Spicer's Saturday night moment that set the new administration back on its heels less than 24 hours after Trump was inaugurated.

After Hannity recalled Kellyanne Conway's "alternative facts" defense, Spicer attempted to explain his thinking when he said more people attended Trump's inauguration than any other by saying, "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe.”

"We weren't by any means trying to mislead anyone," Spicer stated. "We asked for a set of facts, we thought that the group and the facts that we were given at that time were accurate. Like anything else, it's not alternative facts. There's sometimes you can watch two different stations and get two different weather reports. That doesn't mean that the station was lying to you."

"The press is trying to make it seem like we were ignoring the facts," Spicer continued. "The facts are, sometimes when you look at a situation, in the same way that you can look at a weather report. One weather report comes out and says it's going to be cloudy and another says it's going to be light rain. No one lied to you, it just means you interpreted the data in a way that you felt got you to a conclusion."

For the record, estimates for Trump's inauguration pegged attendance at about 250,000. For President Barack Obama's inauguration it was raining both men and women to the tune of 1.8 million in 2009 and 1 million in 2013.

Watch the video below via YouTube -- discussion of crowd sizes begins at 6:30 mark: