'The sh*tshow begins': Michael Moore previews the horror of the incoming GOP Congress
Michael Moore talks with Seth Meyers about Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Republicans in Congress have already created a major controversy for themselves with their vote to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics -- and filmmaker Michael Moore warns us this will only be the start of things to come.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Moore writes that once the 115th Congress gets sworn in on Tuesday, "the sh*tshow begins" and the GOP will start "the attempted demolition of what we hold dear in our democracy."

"It will happen so fast, your head may spin," Moore writes. "They can't get actual laws enacted until they have a President who can sign them. That's 17 days away. But what they CAN do is shake up the Congressional committees and change the Congressional rules."

According to Moore, this will entail things such as weakening independent ethics panels, as well as redirecting congressional spending to suit their own priorities.

Moore then goes on to note that we shouldn't at all be surprised that Republicans moved so quickly to neuter the OCE, as they happily lined up behind Donald Trump as their presidential nominee.

"We're in the P*ssy Grabbing Era, and so it makes sense that the first thing the Republicans would destroy would be the very body that is meant to guard us from... Republicans who are led by a Grabber-in-Chief," writes Moore. "A man who doesn't even acknowledge the very idea of ethics, or conflicts of interest, or foreign meddling in our elections, or the need for the public to see his basic tax returns."

Read the whole rant for yourself below.