Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin trolls president-elect with 'Make America Great Again' hat -- in Russian
Alec Baldwin on Instagram

The one man who gets under Donald Trump's skin more than any other person, is trolling the president-elect again by walking around New York City wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat -- with the embroidered logo in Russian.

Actor Alec Baldwin, who has set the standard for all Trump impersonators to come with his dead-on version of the Trump on Saturday Night Live, was spotted on the street of New York City sporting the stand-out red hat, reports The Daily Mail.

The timing for Baldwin's hat couldn't be better, coming as the president-elect sat down with security officials on Friday who told him the Russians helped him win the election -- an assertion Trump flatly denies because it would contribute to the belief that his win is suspect having lost by over 3 million in the popular vote.

Adding insult to injury, Baldwin also posed for a selfie in the hat and posted it to Instagram, the photo of which can be seen below: