Ivanka Trump makes bizarre claim that being dumped by Nordstrom protects her 'integrity'
Ivanka Trump speaks at an event in California (MSNBC/screen grab)

A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump dismissed reports that retailer Nordstrom was dropping the presidential daughter's namesake line of apparel and footwear, stating that company values their integrity as much as profits, reports Racked.

Earlier in the week, the fashion chain based in the Northwest said it would no longer carry the Ivanka Trump line due to declining sales and customer pressure, pulling clothing off the racks and deeply discounting them.

In response, a spokesperson for Trump's company issued a statement obliquely referencing the loss of sales to Nordstrom, saying, "We believe that the strength of a brand is measured not only by the profits it generates, but the integrity it maintains."

"The women behind the brand represent a diverse group of professionals and we are proud to say that the Ivanka Trump brand continues to embody the principles upon which it was founded," the statement continued.

The decline of Trump's signature apparel and footwear line has coincided with a large scale boycott campaign called Grab Your Wallet, asking consumers to avoid purchasing anything with the Trump name on it in response to new President Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric and horrific comments about women.

First daughter Ivanka Trump has taken the brunt of the boycott with a major online shoe retailer dropping her footwear line.

Along with Nordstrom, high-end retailer Neiman Marcus announced on Saturday that it will be dropping the Ivanka Trump luxury jewelry line from its stores.