Kellyanne Conway: Media inciting a 'mob mentality' by not giving Trump 'aura of respect' he deserves
Kellyanne Conway speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is continuing her crusade against negative media coverage against the president, and now she's gone so far as to blame the media for the violent protests that erupted at the University of California Berkeley this week.

Mediaite notes that Conway appeared on Sean Hannity's radio program on Friday, where she said that the media is indirectly encouraging violent protests against President Donald Trump by not giving him the proper "respect" that she feels he's owed.

"The coverage [of Trump] never changed, it never progressed, it never matured," Conway complained to Hannity after he asked her about the media being mean to the president. "It never took on the aura of respect that it deserved, and if you are not showing the President and his main spokespeople respect, then you're not showing the office respect, and you are inciting mob mentality if not mob violence."

Conway said that such disrespectful media coverage encourages people to "unpeacefully protest, and block airport entrances for people who are going to visit a sick parent and can’t make their flight, or are going for a bereavement call and can’t make their flight."

Conway also slammed the protesters for purportedly trying to "re-litigate" the 2016 presidential election, while also slamming them for having a "low literacy" of the issues they're protesting against.

Listen to the whole clip, first captured by CNN, below.