'Stop the madness': CNN panel awestruck at Kellyanne Conway and Trump admin's split from reality
Chris Cuomo (CNN)

On Friday, CNN's New Day delved into the thicket of confusion, outright lies and "alternative facts" around the Trump administration's Muslim ban and spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway's "Bowling Green massacre" gaffe and found themselves astonished at the outright disconnection from reality.

"Kellyanne Conway talks about the 'Bowling Green massacre,'" said host Chris Cuomo. "It never happened. The Trump base picks it up and runs with it, 'The media ignored this and blah blah blah.' It's fake."

"I think it's an open question about whether she really did think there was a terror attack in Bowling Green, Kentucky or not," said Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter. "But there's a broader issue here."

"And that the media would suppress it for political purposes," said host Kate Bouldan. "This is the insanity of it. Of course she misspoke, but she suggested that we wouldn't cover a terrorist massacre because of politics? Stop the madness."

Watch the video, embedded below: