'Wait, we have to do this ALL month?': Sam Bee 'leaks' Trump's exhausting Black History Month schedule
Samantha Bee (Photo: Screen capture)

February is Black History Month, and naturally everyone is wondering  how newly-elected President Donald Trump is going to handle it given his checkered history with the black community.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump held a meet and greet with African-Americans  that was equally checkered, praising abolitionist Frederick Douglass  -- who died in 1895  --as "somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice."

Trump also took heat for using the occasion to complain about the media while promoting himself and that was just the first day.

According to TBS host Samantha Bee, the newly-elected Trump has a busy schedule ahead of him and the Full Frontal host posted it on Medium, although it appears to be fake no matter how plausible it may seem.

As Bee, notes, by "Day Three," Trump will likely be surprised that it wasn't a one-day affair, writing, "Wait…. We Have to Do This ALL Month?!"

A selection of the best:

  • Day 2 -- Cocktails: Thank-You Party for the Black People Who Didn’t Vote in the Last Election, Hosted by President Trump
  • Day 5 -- White House Welcomes Special Guest Toni Morrison (Pictured)

  • Day 6 -- Panel: Why No White History Month?
  • Day 9 -- KEYNOTE: Omarosa On Why All the Other Black People Suck
  • Day 15 -- “Trump Does The Ice Bucket Challenge (That Was a Black Thing, Right?)”

.... and mercifully:

  • Day 28 -- Closing Night: Screening of the Disney Classic “Song of the South”

You can see the whole schedule here.