WATCH: Stephen Colbert mocks Trump's delicate sensibilities by having a little girl play him
Stephen Colbert (Photo: screen capture)

On Friday night, "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert had a lot to say about the rough few weeks President Donald Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer has had.

It was revealed this week that Trump was floored Spicer was played by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live. Colbert joked that McCarthy "ripped him a new spice-hole," but that wasn't Spicer's biggest problem. The thing Trump was most disturbed by was that Spicer was played by a girl.

"Evidently, he was not laughing because apparently, Trump thought a woman playing a man makes Spicer look weak," Colbert said. "First of all, I have met Melissa McCarthy and she could kick the ass of every man in that administration."

While the audience laughed, Colbert brought out his trump card.

"If the president thinks a woman portraying Sean Spicer makes him look weak, then he's really not going to like this picture we made of a little girl pretending to be Donald Trump," he said. "And he's especially not going to like it when you retweet it at him with the hashtag #LargerHands."

If that isn't bad enough, Spicer also got caught repeatedly referencing the Atlanta terrorist attacks. The problem with that is that there haven't been any Atlanta terrorist attacks.

"I don't remember any terror attacks in Atlanta," Colbert noted. "And neither does CNN."

He played a video of CNN's Alisyn Camerota asking "What are the Atlanta terror attacks?"

"It's still unclear what he's talking about," Brian Stelter replied.

Colbert decided "Still Unclear What He's Talking About" will probably end up being Trump's 2020 campaign slogan.

Watch the full opening below: