'You lied to us’: The internet hammers Trump for complaining about leaks in Flynn scandal
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump tweeted out a complaint about the whistleblowers who exposed his national security advisor's apparent lies about Russia communications -- and social media users hammered him.

Michael Flynn resigned late Monday from his role as national security advisor after just 24 days on a job with an average tenure of about 31 months, following news reports revealing he possibly broke the law by discussing foreign policy with the Russian ambassador and then lied to Vice President Mike Pence about those conversations.

Trump, like his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, blamed Flynn's resignation on the leakers -- who he accused of breaking the law.

But many other Twitter users noticed the president had changed his tune on leaks now that he's been elected.

Like many Trump tweets -- notice the timing.

Some social media users pointed out that Trump had conducted a national security briefing by phone while dining with a foreign head of state and partygoers at his private Mar-A-Lago club over the weekend.

Others simply mocked or scorned the president.