CNN's Jake Tapper hit back on Thursday against Twitter trolls who claimed to have unearthed audio of him engaged in a five-minute racist rant.

The satirical news site OMFG News published the tape on Thursday claiming it was part of James O'Keefe's exposé of CNN.

However, the tape is actually a 10-year-old phone message from reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter, which Tapper pointed out.

OMFG News' Twitter bio says, "Delivering up to the minute breaking fake news that the mainstream media won't dare touch."

However, that didn't stop Trump-supporting trolls from running with the story.

Tapper has become a favorite villain among supporters of Pres. Donald Trump after his combative interviews with administration spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway and his harsh critiques of Trump's conduct in office so far.

Trump has made CNN a special target for his animus -- repeatedly calling it "fake news" -- because of the network's refusal to kowtow to the administration's version of the facts, which are often at odds with reality.

Here is the original Dog the Bounty Hunter rant, embedded below:

Here's OMFG News' video, embedded below: