A senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said he fully expects that FBI Director James Comey will tell lawmakers on Monday that there is nothing behind President Donald Trump's accusations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him.

Appearing on Meet The Press with host Chuck Todd, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) disagreed with a fellow lawmaker who claimed, "We need to get to the bottom of this," with Schiff adding, "We are at the bottom of this."

"We are at the bottom and there is nothing at the bottom," Schiff explained to Todd about Trump's allegations.

"Will Director Comey say that definitively tomorrow?" Todd asked.

"I expect that he will and I hope that we can put an end to this wild goose chase," the California Democrat replied. "What the president said was just patently false. And the wrecking ball it has created has just banged into our British allies and our German allies and it's continuing to grow in terms of damage and he needs to put an end to this."

"What is really at root here, Chuck, is that this is just how the president does business," Schiff added. "Now maybe this is how he conducted his real estate business with half-truths and sometimes no truths and bluster. In my opinion that is no way to run a business, but it's an even worse way to run a country."

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