Ex-Trump supporter torches 'insincere' efforts on opioid crisis commission: 'His words meant nothing'
Former Trump supporter Kraig Moss (Photo: Screen capture)

Trump supporter Kraig Moss toured the country with Donald Trump in support of his candidacy. After his son was found dead of a heroin overdose, however, things changed. Trump's healthcare bill turned a blind-eye to the opioid crisis and Moss was furious.

Over the last week, he's taken to radio and television to slam his once-favorite candidate for failing to address a problem that kills 91 people each day. Wednesday, Trump named a panel of people, lead by Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) who would be in charge of fixing the opioid crisis. During the campaign, Trump reportedly reached out to Moss claiming that his son would be proud of him but Moss called it all BS.

"They meant nothing to him, they meant everything to me," Moss said of Trump's words to him and his family. "And they apparently meant nothing to the president. You know, it's -- I don't have any other explanation. Why would a man try so hard to push this health care bill through, well knowing that it didn't cover anything that he talked about on the campaign trail and cause so many of us to vote for him?"

Moss thinks if Christie is willing to dedicate his full efforts behind the panel he could help solve the crisis. However, Christie is a governor and has other things to do, so Moss doesn't see Christie doing what needs to be done.

"Along with that," he continued. "I didn't see any names of any medical professionals or any addiction specialists that were going to be assigned with him. Or even some former addicts that might be able to help at this table, to figure out how we can reach these addicts."

Moss is now on a tour telling the stories of his son's overdose and is asking for donations.

Watch the full interview below: