Alex Jones asks the press to be 'respectful and responsible' in coverage of his custody battle
Alex Jones on Nikki Minaj (Screen cap)

In a statement issued on Friday, conspiracy website founder Alex Jones has requested that the press treat his ongoing child custody battle with his ex-wife in a "respectful and responsible" manner.

After a full week of testimony, that included  his outrageous statements and actions on his webcasts as well as his drug usage, Jones claimed the battle with his ex-wife Kelly for custody of their three children is a "private matter."

"Above all, this is a private matter, " Jones said in a statement. "This is about my family and only my family. I have endeavored very faithfully for three years to keep the circumstances confidential for the sake of my children to protect their innocence."

The InfoWars website founder added that there is a gag order in place on the case and that he will not be making a full statement until after the trial concludes.

You can read his whole statement below via Twitter: