Here are the 6 weirdest things we've learned so far from Alex Jones' custody trial
Alex Jones (Photo: screen capture)

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is in the middle of a brutal battle with his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, for custody of the couple's three children.

Kelly Jones' attorney, Bobby Newman, presented the jury with several stories of Alex Jones' bizarre behavior while in court on Tuesday, including video of Jones in which he stripped down to nothing but his underwear.

Below, we recap the six weirdest allegations we've learned about Jones during his big custody battle on Tuesday, as relayed by BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel and Austin Statesman reporter Jonathan Tilove.

1. Alex Jones allegedly stripped during family therapy sessions. Newman played the jury video of Jones ripping off his clothes to demonstrate his "Super Male Virility" during an InfoWars broadcast. He also said that Jones would regularly take off his clothes when he went with Kelly Jones to joint family therapy sessions.

2. Jones forgot key pieces of information about his children -- and said it was because he had eaten "a big bowl of chili" for lunch. According to Newman, Jones was so inattentive to his own children that he once forgot what grades they were in. Even more strangely, Jones claimed he forgot this information because he had just eaten a large bowl of chili for lunch.

3. Jones got drunk during the Trump inauguration and boasted about his ability to drink an entire cup of Jack Daniels in one swig. Additionally, Newman showed the jury footage of an inebriated Jones saying that he planned to "go piss on some tree" while on the Washington Mall this past January.

4. Jones trained his son to throw darts at Hillary Clinton's photo. Among the other videos Newman wanted to show of Jones was one in which Jones and his son tossed darts at a photo of Hillary Clinton that was placed on a dartboard. However, the judge in the case would not allow this clip to be presented as evidence, as it could prejudice any jurors who voted for Clinton against Jones.

5. Jones allegedly instructed his children to record their mother's behavior to help him in his custody fight. Jones, who regularly rails against government snooping in his show, purportedly had no problem in asking his children to act as his own personal surveillance drones to dig up dirt on his ex-wife.

6. Jones may have completely sabotaged his own attorney's case by posting a video insisting that he wasn't merely a "performance artist." Earlier this week, Jones cut a video in which he insisted that he really believed all of the crazy conspiracies he's spouted over the years, thus undercutting his own lawyer's plan to claim Jones isn't really crazy, but only plays a crazy person for entertainment purposes.

This was also a particularly dubious tactic on Jones' part because he may have made the video while he was already under gag order -- which would get him into even more trouble than he's in already.