CNN's Chris Cuomo nails Trump for telling Russians the truth about the Comey firing -- while lying to Americans
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Screen cap).

In a Wednesday morning panel discussion on CNN, Chris Cuomo slammed President Donald Trump for telling Russian officials a different story about why he fired James Comey than the one he's telling the American people.

Daily Beast bureau chief Jackie Kucinich noted that it all makes them look like there is something to hide.

"The other thing the White House conveniently left out is they tried to is to stop this from being investigated," she noted. "The president made this worse as we have seen in past by going to people like [former FBI director James] Comey and firing him. By going to the head of the DNI. By going to Admiral [Michael] Rogers trying to get them to put pressure on Comey or to help him get rid of the investigation just makes the problem worse. It makes them look like they have something to hide."

Commentator David Gregory agreed, saying that it seemed suspect that they fired "Mr. Clean" a.k.a. Comey

"He decided there should be a special counsel to investigate all of this," Gregory said. "Apparently, he thinks there is enough to investigate and get cause to investigate and he is an apolitical guy. We have the investigation barrelling down and you have a white house trying to stop it."

Co-host Alisyn Camerota noted that there is a protocol for releasing classified information and it obviously wasn't followed by Trump when he spoke to the Russians. "He didn't declassify this, he just divulged it!" she said.

"It overshadowed the idea he bad mouthed the FBI director to the Russians and mentioned that now the pressure will be off him about Russia," Cuomo said. "I don't understand how that has escaped scrutiny! I don't understand how people are just kind of letting go in the wash."

Kucinich noted that Trump was telling something different to the Russians than he was telling the American people. Americans were told it was about the handling of the Hillary Clinton email situation. "That just wasn't true!" she exclaimed.

"Think about that," Cuomo continued. "An American president saying to the Russians, 'yeah, the guy looking into you, he's a nut. I'm glad I got rid of him. That Russia pressure is off me.'"

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