'I call turbo bullsh*t on that': John Oliver blasts Trump's account of Comey conversations
John Oliver on Comey (Photo: Screen capture)

Somehow President Donald Trump has managed to be both a terrible and brilliant liar, according to comedian John Oliver on Sunday's "Last Week Tonight."

When the new president fired FBI director James Comey he tried to claim that it had nothing to do with the Russia investigation but with the botched investigation of Hillary Clinton. It was the suspicious way that Trump managed to put words in Comey's mouth as he shoved him out the door that Oliver took issue with.

But it all came to an end when Trump managed to undo two days of insane damage control by his communications team in just a few sentences to Lester Holt during an NBC News interview.

"Think about what happened there," Oliver said after showing a clip of the interview. "Trump is so desperate to seem dominant he will rush to take credit for anything no matter how bad it is."

All a prosecutor trying to pin a murder on Trump would have to do is say "You're honor, there's no way it could have been Mr. Trump. The killer had to have been much stronger and smarter with a much hotter daughter." Trump would end up screaming he did it in seconds.

Then Trump admitted that he did, in fact, fire Comey for the Russia investigation.

"What are you doing?" Oliver wondered. "'I was thinking of the Russia investigation when I fired Comey' is the one thing that you are not supposed to say out loud. It's the kind of thing that makes you want to ask three questions. One, can he really be this stupid? Two, does he really think that we as a country are this stupid? Three, are we as a country really this stupid?"

As for Trump claiming Comey told him that he was not under investigation, Oliver absolutely did not believe it.

"I call bullsh*t. I call turbo bullsh*t on that. There is no way those conversations went down in that manner," Oliver said.

He also noted that the fact that Trump signed the memo firing Comey with a signature that looked like a hamster on meth was just as peculiar.

The plot thickened when Trump trolled Comey claiming he should think twice about leaking anything because he could have been recording their conversations. However, Oliver has no desire to hear any of Trump's recordings from the White House because he assumes it will be Trump repeating the phrase "I never wanted any of this" over and over again. Then, of course, it would be followed by jingles of mattress commercials.

Watch the full commentary below:

'I call turbo bullsh*t on that': John Oliver... by sarahburris