'Such bravery': Reid rips Republicans who voted for Trumpcare but won't appear on her show to defend it
MSNBC host Joy Reid (Screen capture)

MSNBC host Joy Reid said on Saturday that her producers reached out to all 217 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted for the American Healthcare Act (ACHA) -- dubbed by some as "Trumpcare" -- and invited them to appear on the show to defend their vote.

All 217 congress members declined.

As the names of the House members scrolled by on the screen, Reid said, "My tireless producers reached out to each and every one of them to ask them to join us today. I offered each of them the lead spot on this show this morning to go one-on-one with me to explain why they voted for the bill -- and not a single one agreed."

The AHCA -- which has not been rated by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and which most GOP caucus members only voted for knowing it would be substantially altered or killed altogether in the U.S. Senate -- will strip health coverage from a projected 24 million Americans.

"No takers," she said. "Not a one. Such bravery."