White nationalist hit with criminal charge in Kentucky for roughing up black woman at Trump rally
Shiya Nwanguma and Matthew Heimbach (WLKY)

A white nationalist was served with criminal charges related to an altercation at a Donald Trump rally after he crossed state lines this weekend to take part in a racist demonstration.

Matthew Heimbach, chairman of the Traditionalist Workers Party, traveled from his Paioli, Indiana, home to attend a gathering of white supremacist groups Saturday in Pikeville, Kentucky, where he was served with a criminal summons by a police officer, reported the Kentucky Herald-Leader.

Heimbach was charged with one misdemeanor count of harassment with physical contact but no injury to the victim in connection with the March 1, 2016, campaign event in Louisville.

He admits to roughing up 21-year-old Kashiya Nwaguma at the rally after Trump pointed to her and other college students protesting his speech and told supporters to "get them out of here."

Police had not been able to serve Heimbach with the summons to appear in court on the misdemeanor charge because he lives out of state, but prosecutors asked Pikeville police to serve the papers after seeing extensive publicity about the white supremacist event.

Heimbach accepted the summons without incident, police said.

The protesters previously filed assault and battery claims against Heimbach and two other Trump supporters and accused the Republican presidential candidate of inciting violence against them.

Heimbach has filed a countersuit blaming Trump for directing him to attack Nwaguma, which he claims he was self-defense.