'And Ben Sasse laughed': Internet furious at Bill Maher for calling himself a 'house n***er'
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

Bill Maher had a controversial moment with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) on Friday night's "Real Time."

Sasse invited Maher to Nebraska, telling him that Maher could "work in the fields." It surprised and seemed to shock Maher.

"Work in the fields?!" Maher exclaimed. But he then turned it into a joke that many are saying went over the line.

"Senator, I'm a house n*gger!"

It's been over two years since actor Ben Affleck fought with Maher about his thoughts on Islam being racist.

“It’s gross, it’s racist,” Affleck said about Maher's remarks.

“It’s so not,” Maher insisted. Affleck compared it to using the term, “Shifty Jew.”

“You’re not listening to what we are saying,” Maher said.

“You guys are saying, if you want to be liberal, believe in liberal principles,” Affleck said, referencing Maher’s monologue the previous week. “Like, we are endowed by our forefathers with inalienable rights, all men are created equal.”

The online response to tonight's quip was not kind to Maher: