‘Go back to China!’: White woman in Asian grocery store lashes out at employees in racist rant
White woman goes on xenophobic rant at an Asian food store (Screengrab)

A white woman in Toronto Canada verbally attacked Asian grocery store employees Friday in a video captured and posted on Facebook, the Huffington Post reports.

“Go back to China. This is Canada, English-first country,” the woman shouted, according to the video. “If you’re gonna work here, it is the law to know English.”

“It is a law to know English, and you know that,” she continued. As in the United States, there is no law that requires Canadian residents know English.

“It is the law in Canada that if you’re going to work here you need to know the English language,” she repeated.

Frank Hong, the teenager who filmed the video, told the Daily Mail onlookers were horrified by the woman’s outburst.

“After three minutes of constant, racist verbal abuse and after trying to intervene, I started to film this video,” Hong wrote in a Facebook post. “Racism and xenophobia isn't far from us nor has it gone away. As Canadians we think we are safe from these disgusting attitudes and behaviours but we aren't. It has only gotten worse recently. It seems like some people want to reinstate the Chinese Exclusion Act.”

“No employee who works so hard for so little money deserves this and no human being in the world deserves this,” Hong told the Daily Mail.

Watch the video below, via Facebook: