REVEALED: Trump lawyer lined his pockets by targeting the poor in telemarketing scheme for his ‘Christian’ charity
Jay Sekulow (Facebook)

New documents reveal how Trump attorney Jay Sekulow enriched his family last decade by pressuring poor and unemployed people to give money to his Christian nonprofit.

The Guardian reports that Sekulow's nonprofit group Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism (Case) gave its telemarketers at the start of the Great Recession instructions on how to convince people who were broke or unemployed to fork over "sacrificial gifts."

In a cheat sheet given to Case telemarketers, employees are instructed to respond with empathy if people tell them that they're umemployed or have no money. However, it then tells them to push them hard to give money anyway.

"I can certainly understand how being unemployed/having limited funds would make it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to help with a gift right now," the paper reads. "We don't ever want to put you in a financial bind. Could you possibly make a small sacrificial gift of even $20 within the next three weeks?"

The Guardian says that Sekulow personally signed off on these tactics, and he and his family have been well compensated for their work running Case and other nonprofits over the years.

In total, Case has steered an estimated $60 million to Sekulow, his family, and his family's assorted businesses.

"For years, the nonprofits have made a notable amount of payments to Sekulow and his family," the Guardian writes. "Since 2000, a law firm co-owned by Sekulow, the Constitutional Litigation and Advocacy Group, has been paid more than $25 million by the nonprofits for legal services. During the same period, Sekulow’s company Regency Productions, which produces his talk radio show, was paid $11.3 million for production services. Sekulow also personally received other compensation totaling $3.3 million. Pam Sekulow, his wife, has been paid more than $1.2 million in compensation for serving as treasurer and secretary of Case."

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