'Creeping Sharia': Internet racists predictably freak out over Apple's new Muslim hijab emoji
A new hijab emoji for Apple's iOS.

Monday is officially World Emoji Day, and Apple teased a new batch of iOS-supported emojis that are set to be released later this year, including a breastfeeding woman and a Muslim woman adorned in a headscarf.

The hijab-clad Muslim woman emoji caused some anger among anti-Muslim Twitter users, however, as they claimed that Apple was trying to "normalize" Muslim oppression of women by including the headscarf as part of its new emoji pack.

In fact, one upset user tweeted directly at Apple CEO Tim Cook to protest against the new emoji.

"The hijab is a symbol of oppression," wrote Twitter user @joeymp123. "By including it as an emoji you are showing your support for the oppression of women."

Some more choice comments about the new hijab emoji follow below.