Pro-confederate ‘patriot’ mistakenly shoots himself while trying to counter-protest at anti-fascism rally
Group of people holding Confederate flags (via Creative Commons)

A self-described "patriot" who showed up to counter-protest at an anti-fascism rally that never happened at Gettysburg National Military Park managed to shoot himself with an ancient gun he was packing.

According to Fox43, 23-year-old Benjamin Hornberger showed up to attend a rumored "anti-fa" rally when his gun went off and the bullet lodged in his thigh.

According to spokesperson for the national park, Hornberger was in an area open to park visitors, but outside of a fenced area where some groups have protested previously.

Park officials quickly provided medical help to the young Pennsylvanian by applying a tourniquet before was transported to a local hospital.

"It looks like he'll be OK," claimed U.S. Park Police spokeswoman Sgt. Anna Rose.

According to Katie Lawhon, a spokeswoman for the national park, Hornberger's gun discharged a second time as a park police attempted to take the bullets out, but no one was hurt by the second shot.

"It was apparently an old gun, not in good working order," Lawhon explained.