'Donald Trump lies like we breathe': CNN panel take turns bashing Trump shill defending Phoenix speech
Trump supporter Ed Martin (left) argues with GOP strategist Ana Navarro (right). Image via screengrab.

CNN may have fired Jeffrey Lord, but they've already found another Trump supporter to rile up viewers and panelists alike.

In a Wednesday night segment dissecting the president's remarks in Phoenix, Arizona the night prior, panelists ranging from GOP strategist Ana Navarro, White House correspondent April Ryan and Democratic operative Paul Begala took turns beating up on Trump-supporting author Ed Martin.

When discussing the many times President Donald Trump has been caught in a lie, Martin attempted to downplay the president's propensity for bending the truth.

"I don't think crowd size rates an apology on adultery in the White House," Martin said, alluding to former President Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs. 

Immediately, Navarro was incensed.

"I'm looking for leaders with moral standing. I'm looking for integrity. I'm looking for truth. I'm looking for leadership. I'm looking for convictions. I'm looking for knowledge. I'm looking for policy. I'm looking for somebody that is willing to call out racism," Navarro said as Martin tried to interrupt her by making asides about Hillary Clinton.

Then it was Ryan's turn.

"You like the fact that he's pro marriage. You like the fact that he's pro-life. You like the fact that he is anti-tax. You like the fact that he's anti-climate. But then when you come into this major situation of Charlottesville," she began, only to be cut off by Martin.

"We're talking about last night," he interjected. "Now you're talking Charlottesville?"

"Last night was the fifth time this president has talked about Charlottesville because it's that big and he spent over 40 minutes," she said, launching into an account about how she watched Trump switch positions from one night to the other from the president's press pool.

Martin still didn't get it, though.

Voters knew, host Anderson Cooper interjected, what they were getting with Trump.

"I'm shocked that so many people are shocked," Begala began, conceding that Martin and Cooper were right to claim voters knew who they were voting for. "Donald Trump lies like we breathe. Every human being lies and politicians are human beings. But Donald Trump is -- we've never seen somebody lie like this and it does matter, Ed, because those policies that many people voted for, he lied about."

Begala began listing off policy promises Trump lied about (such as no cuts to Medicaid and removing troops from Afghanistan), but by then, the panel had devolved.

Watch the entire Trump-bashing trainwreck below, via CNN.