WATCH: Chris Cuomo smacks down 'silly' Trump advocate downplaying president's 'lock and load' threat
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Screen cap).

CNN host Chris Cuomo shut down President Donald Trump's proposed ambassador to Germany on Friday morning when the diplomat attempted to downplay Trump's warmongering "lock and load" comments directed at North Korea.

Early Friday morning, Trump tweeted, “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!”

Speaking with Richard Grenell, Cuomo asked, "Is it harmless rhetoric, Richard, or do you have concerns?"

Grenell, previously a U.S. spokesperson at the U.N., complained that too much attention was being paid to the "lock and load" portion of Trump's tweet.

"I don't have any concerns at all," Grenell stated. "Look, political types are going to say keep trying to message 'locked and loaded,' but they're missing the rest of the sentence. And I think it's really disingenuous and shameful to not continue the rest of the sentence."

"He's talking about a missile defense program at this point, he's talking about playing defense, he's saying if they should act,"  he added.

After a contentious back and forth with CNN's Chris Cillizza and journalist Margarert Talev, host Cuomo joined the fray.

'Isn't that the part of the tweet that Donald Trump wants people to read? That is the part he wants read," Grenell was asked.

"I've been watching your show all morning. I haven't heard you talk about President Obama saying we could destroy North Korea," Grenell parried.

'That's because that's not the imminent situation, okay?" Cuomo shot back before adding. "Hold on a second, Richard. you talked plenty," when Grenell tried to interrupt him.

"The idea of bringing up what a past president said when you're dealing with an imminent and breaking situation is silly," Cuomo lectured. "You don't do that. You deal with what's on the table before you right now. And we both know you may choose to ignore it willfully, but we both know that President Trump uses inflammatory language on purpose. He sees it as a show of strength."

"So to say that every part of the tweet must be weighed equally is naive at best and misleading at worst," the CNN host concluded.

Watch the video below via CNN: