MSNBC's Joy Reid and economic advisor for former President Barack Obama Austan Goolsbee took down the conservative Heritage Foundation's Tim Doescher when he tried to insist that President Donald Trump is responsible for the booming state of the U.S. economy.

"The economic headlines certainly do look good right now," said Reid. "More than one million jobs have been added since Trump took office and the unemployment rate narrowly dropped down to 4.3 percent and the economy grew at an annualized rate of 2.6 percent in the second quarter."

She continued, "Now, is this all evidence of Trump's success? He certainly seems to think so. But since Trump hasn't actually implemented any policies affecting the economy or signed any legislation related to it, does he deserve the credit?"

Reid read aloud from a column Doescher published in The Daily Signal in which he said Trump is responsible for slashing regulations which encourage businesses to invest in the economy and take on greater risk.

She then pressed him to explain why Pres. Obama doesn't deserve any credit for signing in the legislation currently aiding the economy but that Trump does deserve credit in spite of doing nothing.

Doescher tried to say that the president's speeches have helped the millions of coal miners struggling in the country. Reid explained that actually the number of jobs remaining in the dying coal industry is "about 54,000."

Reid cocked her head to one side and then the other as Goolsbee pressed his lips together in an effort, it appeared, not to laugh outright at Doescher's stumbling explanation that "millions" of jobs are "connected to" the coal industry and that Trump has saved them.

Which prompted Reid to make this face:

[caption id="attachment_1096312" align="alignnone" width="520"] Skeptical Joy Reid is skeptical.[/caption]

Turning to Goolsbee, Reid asked if he had any response to Doescher's contention that "just the way [Trump] speaks has made the economy flower -- but that Barack Obama in eight years did nothing."

"Look, we've had, I believe, 84 months in a row of job growth and the last six of those have been under Donald Trump," said Goolsbee. "It's like a guy built a house and sold it to someone and that person walked in and turned the lights on and was, like, 'Look at this house I built!'"

He went on to point out that proportionally, the economy is actually moving slightly slower than it was this time last year.

Watch the video, embedded below: