Ana Navarro explodes over Trump attacking Puerto Rico 'from his gaudy, gold-inlaid golf course'
Andre Bauer, Ana Cabrera and Ana Navarro on CNN (Screen capture)

On "CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera" Saturday, Republican former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer tried to walk back his statements from earlier in the day when he said that Puerto Ricans need to do more to "take care of themselves" in the absence of a coherent federal response effort to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria.

Bauer fretted that he should have "softened the message" of his remarks, but Navarro wasn't having any of that.

She blistered Trump for attacking American citizens from "his gaudy, rococo, gold-inlaid gold course in New Jersey."

"He’s got the biggest platform here and he is the one that’s telling the people of Puerto Rico that they want everything done for them,” said Navarro, according to “And blaming the financial crisis on this devastation. How dare he?! How dare he?! At this great moment of distress. That is unacceptable.”

Bauer tried to cut in, but Navarro blew right past him.

“And I will not accept any apologism for Trump,” she said. “Not today, Andre! Not today! You are going to give him a bit of scrutiny!”

Watch the video, embedded below: