'He is the embodiment of a racist': Trump biographer unloads on president in brutal take-down
Joy Reid, David Cay Johnston -- MSNBC screengrab

Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy, Trump biographer David Cay Johnston blasted the president as the "embodiment of racism' while speaking with host Joy Reid.

Addressing Trump's controversial statements about Charlottesville as well as the war between the White House and ESPN over comments made by a black host calling Trump a "white supremacist," Johnson comments on Trump were scathing.

"He's a racist, " Johnson stated immediately. "He's been the subject of a judicial administrative hearings about this. He's made awful comments over the years. He is the embodiment of being a racist just as Miss Huckabee Sanders' comments the other day are the embodiment of censorship and should have upset every single American who has even a modest amount of respect for our Constitution."

'Wow," host Reid responded.

Watch the video below via AM Joy: