'I love boobs!': Stunned Brooke Baldwin cuts sports guest's mic during bonkers discussion on ESPN's Jemele Hill
CNN segment goes off the rails

A CNN segment on Friday went totally off the rails after Fox News Sports reporter Clay Travis proudly exclaimed, on live television, that he “[believes] in two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs.”

Travis was appearing on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin to discuss the controversy surrounding ESPN’s Jemele Hill, who made headlines earlier this week after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist.

“I'm a first amendment absolutist and believe in two things completely,” Travis said. “The First Amendment and boobs.”

“Wait, did you just say you believe in the first amendment and, hold on, I just want to make sure i heard you correctly as a woman anchoring the show, what did you just say?” a stunned Baldwin asked “You believe in the first amendment and B-O-O-B-S?”

“Boobs, two things that never let me down, the First Amendment and boobs,” a proud Travis replied. “Those are the two things I believe in absolutely in the country.”

Travis went on to explain he thought ESPN was wrong to stand by Hill after firing Curt Schilling in 2015 for comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis, arguing the network is displaying a double standard in its decision to keep Hill on board.

“I'm astonished at almost everything I just heard,” former ESPN senior editor Kieth Reed replied, later adding, “for somebody to come on CNN and to say something like, ‘The only thing I believe in..’”

“I'm just, I’m still there, too,” a shocked Baldwin replied. “I just want to be make sure I’m hearing you correctly. B-O-O-Z-E or B-O-O-B-S?”

“I believe in the First Amendment and boobs,” Travis explained. “Those are the two things I believe in this country.”

“Why are you sitting here live on CNN?” Baldwin asked. “Why would you say that live on national television, and with a female host, why would you even go there?”

“I say that all the time on the radio because it's true and that's what I do,” Travis said, digging his heels in. “Because I like boobs and the first amendment, which is exactly what i said.

“Listen, Brooke, I think that speaks for itself,” Reed said. “I love the first amendment as well. I also love women.”

“You don't love boobs, too?” Travis asked.

After some crosstalk, the CNN host put her foot down.

“I'm done, I'm sorry, I'm done,” Baldwin said. “This conversation is over, yanking mics, bye, see ya. That was entirely inappropriate.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:


Hours after his "boob" tirade, Travis claimed on Twitter that CNN invited him back on air.


CNN confirmed to Raw Story that Mr. Clay was, in fact, not invited back on air, as he claimed.