'I walked away from $4 million!' Trump lawyer bemoans his life in heated emails with internet troll
Ty Cobb, an attorney representing President Donald Trump in the Russia probe (Photo via Hogan Lovells).

Ty Cobb, an attorney representing President Donald Trump in the Russia probe, has gotten himself into yet another heated internet feud.

After sending Business Insider reporter Natasha Bertrand an angry email days ago in which he asked her if she was on drugs, Cobb got into another combative exchange with Jeff Jetton, the owner of a ramen restaurant in Washington DC, who has become a notorious internet troll over the Russia investigation.

As Bertrand reports, Jetton reached out to Cobb Tuesday and began spewing insults at him for his decision to defend President Trump.

Cobb, surprisingly, replied to defend himself -- and bemoaned the fact that he walked away from a job that paid a lot more money to work for Trump.

"I walked away from $4 million annually to do this, had to sell my entire retirement account for major capital losses and lost a sh*tload to try to protect the third pillar of democracy," Cobb wrote. "Your hate I will never understand as an American. Hope you get help!"

Later, Cobb tried to justify his presence defending Trump by asserting that he and Chief of Staff John Kelly were some of the few "adults" in the room that were keeping the Trump White House from getting even further out of control.

"I can say assertively [that] more adults in the room will be better," he wrote. "Me and Kelly among others."