'It was a staffing issue': Ted Cruz blames aide for liking porn tweet
Ted Cruz speaks to Newsmax (screen grab)

The mystery of how a tweet liking a porn video appeared on Republican Ted Cruz's Twitter account has been solved, with the Texas senator blaming it on a staffer and saying it was not "malicious."

According to Politico, the senator addressed the issue Tuesday morning after the tweet went up -- and was quickly yanked down -- on Monday night.

"There are a number of people on the team who have access on the account. It appears that someone inadvertently hit the like button. When we discovered the post, which was I guess an hour or two later, we pulled it down," Cruz explained. "It was a staffing issue. And it was inadvertent, it was a mistake. It was not a deliberate act. We're dealing with internally, but it was a mistake. It was not malicious."

Cruz left hanging whether the unnamed staffer would still be allowed to access his social media account.