'It's puzzling': Reporter can't believe Trump lawyers thought it was smart to talk Russia probe on a sidewalk
New York Times reporter Ken Vogel talks with Poppy Harlow on CNN (Screen cap).

Ken Vogel, the New York Times reporter who caught top Trump lawyer Ty Cobb ranting about the Russia investigation while sitting outside at a DC steakhouse, had no explanation at all for why anyone thought it was a good idea during a Monday morning interview on CNN.

CNN's Poppy Harlow asked Vogel if he'd ever witnessed a highly paid attorney publicly discussing such a sensitive, high-profile case before while sitting outside a popular steakhouse that was just down the street from the New York Times' office in Washington, DC -- and he said he had not.

"It's puzzling, that they'd be so indiscreet," Vogel admitted. "And, in fact, when we went to the White House... and we let it be known, we laid our cards on the table, that we heard this conversation, that precipitated a confrontation... in which the White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and the White House counsel Don McGahn called out Ty Cobb and said, 'You can't treat this sensitive information so carelessly.'"

Cobb in the past has also created public spectacles by going off on angry tirades against both reporters and random internet trolls who have baited him with snarky emails.

Watch the video below.