Ana Navarro has a message for Donald Trump: 'You do not fight with a family of a dead soldier'
Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican consultant Ana Navarro looked straight into the camera Wednesday night to speak directly to President Donald Trump and shame him for his comments about the fallen soldier.

Navarro is also from Miami, where U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson lived. She said that she knows Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), whom Trump attacked earlier Wednesday, and she knows the lawmaker to be an honorable and honest woman.

"I'm from Miami, Sgt. Johnson was from Miami. I know Frederica Wilson. She's not a rabble rouser. She's not an irresponsible person. She would not play with the death of a soldier," Navarro explained.

She went on to say that she personally cannot understand why Trump would ever do something like this.

"I just cannot bring myself to understand how a Commander in Chief can see the sight of a pregnant wife draped over her husband -- her dead soldier husband's coffin and still have the gall to get into a fight with Frederica Wilson and with the soldier's mother, who is now confirming her account of what happened," Navarro continued, passionately.

She encouraged the president to "step away" from a fight like this, even if he thinks he's right.

"You do not fight with a family of a dead soldier," Navarro said directly into the camera. "You do not throw out the name of your chief of staff's dead son's name in order to make a political point. You do not attack John McCain, a national hero, just to make a political point. He did all these things on the same damn day!"

Watch Navarro's impassioned remarks below:

Ana Navarro has a message for Donald Trump... by sarahburris