CNN panel goes off-the-rails after conservative claims Mueller is a 'zombie prosecutor' doing Dems' bidding
Christine Quinn, Brooke Baldwin, and Ed Martin -- CNN screenshot

During a CNN discussion on the bombshell indictments handed down against former associates of President Donald Trump, a conservative backer of the president attempted to downplay the latest developments and suggested that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is an out-of-control "zombie prosecutor."

Appearing with host Brooke Baldwin and guest Christine Quinn, a frantic Ed Martin -- author of "The Conservative Case for Trump" -- did all he could to undercut the developing criminal investigation.

Quinn, the former speaker of the New York City Council, laid out what occurred on Monday to Martin, who at first seemed amused.

"The facts is Bob Mueller is a highly respected prosecutor on both sides, and, in fact, Republicans and conservatives, Democrats, progressives hail his appointment," Quinn explained. "We have massive charges of wrongdoing. Papadopoulos is in an agreement with the government, and the campaign is now calling him some low-level volunteer. He was conversations with the Russians, lied to the FBI."

"Manafort has claimed he obstructed the FBI's work and his boss in the campaign said 'attaboy' in an e-mail when he was in these meetings and after. So you can try to deflect to Martians and UFO's and JFK's, but the facts here --" Quinn said only to have Martin smirk.

"It's not funny, sir," she lectured. "This a sad day for America."

Martin then went on the attack.

"Here's the facts. Everybody that runs a big campaign like Christine ran for her losing race for mayor," he said, getting personal. "Lots of people volunteer and claim they are affiliated with in campaign and he [Papadopoulos] lied. He deserves to go to jail if that's the penalty for lying to the FBI. But after that you don't get blamed for every nitwit or guy who comes in and then lies to the FBI, that's not how it works."

"My point is simply we have to be careful, and you should want to be careful, too, Christine, because you lived in a world where Eliot Spitzer abused his office and Kathleen Kane in Pennsylvania abused hers," he added.

"I think the timing of this is very suspect, and at the end of the day we don't want a prosecutor who is a zombie prosecutor attacking people across this country," he concluded as Baldwin and Quinn looked on incredulously.

You can watch the video below via CNN: