'Dozens, if not hundreds' of Russian troll farms are still operating in the U.S. right now: report
Image: Med dressed as Reddit troll faces (Flickr Creative Commons)

Russian troll farms are not necessarily a thing of the past, a new report reveals.

According to McClatchy, "dozens, if not hundreds of troll networks" run by Russian operatives -- many of which appear to be operating out of other countries like Albania, Cyprus and Macedonia -- are still operating in the US, Michael Carpenter, an ex-Obama Defense Department official specializing in Russia, told the news network.

These revelations come from a Russian-language report published on Tuesday that exposed the existence of what may be the largest "troll farm" yet -- a St. Petersburg outfit where "80 to 90 employees devoted their time solely to posing as Americans and trying to lure U.S. citizens to interact with them."