Ex-Philly mayor lambastes Trump booster for attacks on Rep. Wilson: 'The truth is the truth'
Ex-Trump aide Jason Miller (left) and former Philadelphia mayor Michael McNutter (right). Image via screengrab.

As former Trump aide Jason Miller followed his old boss' lead in attacking Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) for exposing the president's disrespect towards a war widow she'd known for years, the ex-mayor of Philadelphia smacked him down.

"You couldn't get between [Wilson] and a camera anywhere in Washington," Miller said.

"Jason, the truth is the truth," former Philly mayor Michael Nutter. "That's the way that works."

When Miller tried to bring Wilson's actions back up, Nutter once again shut it down.

"I'm not dealing with that," the former mayor said. "Jason, listen, you're wrong. I'm dealing with Mrs. Myeshia Johnson. Her account is what matters. She's backed up what the congresswoman said."

"Get off of the political piece," Nutter continued. "The president was wrong. He's too immature to say he was wrong."

Watch Miller and Nutter spar over the politicized grieving of La David Johnson's widow below, via CNN.