'Facts do matter': Don Lemon blasts 'lying White House' in brutal shredding of John Kelly falsehoods
Don Lemon

In an brutal commentary segment during his CNN show, host Don Lemon pounded the White House for continuing to attack a black congresswoman and allowing White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to lie about her.

From the outset, Lemon hit President Donald Trump's administration for "lying" before slamming them for a pattern of deceit.

In particular, Lemon took umbrage with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders challenging reporters by saying Kelly's military background makes him above criticism -- even when he doesn't tell the truth.

“With all due respect, it is absolutely appropriate to question anyone when their facts are wrong and when they refuse to admit it," Lemon lectured. "That goes for a general turned chief of staff, a press secretary and a president of the United States."

"Sadly, the truth is that lately it seems no one who stands at that podium is able to admit that. To admit that facts do matter. So why lie?," he asked.

Watch the video below via YouTube: