Fox News signed ex-anchor Bill O'Reilly to new contract one month after he settled $32 million sexual harassment claim: report
Bill O'Reilly, Fox News screengrab

Fired Fox News host Bill O’Reilly made a $32 million settlement to a woman who accused him of sexual harassment one month before the network re-upped his contract, reports The New York Times.

According to the report, two people briefed on the matter said 21st Century Fox -- the parent company of Fox News -- were aware of the complaint and settlement made by O’Reilly, which had been brought against the anchor by a Fox analyst.

The complaint alleged O'Reilly engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment and a non-consensual sexual relationship and was settled for $32 million in January.

According to the report, 21st Century Fox nonetheless offered a four-year contract extension worth $25 million to O'Reilly in February of this year -- only for the now-former ex-Fox to be ushered out the door in April.

You can read the whole New York Times report here.