Georgia man charged with murder for shooting friend following argument over forgiveness in the Bible
Victim Jacquell Smith -- family handout

A Dublin, Georgia man has been charged with shooting and killing a close friend during an argument over the meaning of forgiveness in the Bible.

According to the WTLX, Raekwon Pauldo, 21, is facing murder charges after he shot Jacquell Smith in the head twice on Sunday.

Investigators state that Pauldo and the 20-year-old college student got into a heated argument about the Bible that turned into, what the local police chief called, "something else."

"Apparently two friends got into an argument," said Dublin police Chief Tim Chatman. "These are friends. They've been knowing each other for a long time. They were arguing over stuff that didn't make any sense. As a result of that argument, one of the gentlemen just shot him - shot him in the head twice."

Discussing the actual shooting, Chatman explained, "At one point in time, they were arguing over the Bible, about forgiveness and then that turned to something else."

Police state that Smith was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.