'I can read his tweets': Morning Joe laughs his ass off explaining how he knows Trump is rude
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were unable to contain their laughter during a segment on President Donald Trump boasting about his intelligence and civility.

The president told reporters Wednesday that he couldn't possibly have been rude during a call to a Gold Star widow because he was "a very intelligent person" -- and he had the Ivy League education to prove it.

"'I went to an Ivy League college,'" Scarborough quoted, hooting with laughter.

Brzezinski was more successful stifling her own laughter, and her co-host admitted he had not gone to an Ivy League college but could still determine Trump was an uncivil boor.

"I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I can listen to the president's statements and read his tweets," Scarborough said. "He's not a civil man, it's not the media who are making him (uncivil). We are not the ones going in and pressing his fingers on the tweets."

Scarborough said the president's comments may have seemed trivial, but he said they were part of a broader and troubling pattern.

"We talked about the big lie a couple of days ago," he said. "Even though it's funny, because he's so insecure that he has to tell people he went to an Ivy League college and he's a very intelligent man. The sad part is, this is another day of lying. This is another example."

"This is another example of where -- you know, right is wrong, black is white, left is right, up is down," Scarborough continued. "It is the big high concept where I can lie, I can say whatever I want to say, even about the smallest of things, and I will define my own reality -- and since it's a personality cult, people who follow me will go yeah, listen to him, he says he's a civil guy. It's just the mean people in the press that make him be that way."