Las Vegas sheriff shuts down alt-right reporter Laura Loomer's conspiracy theory: 'Stop asking your question'
Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo (left, via screenshot) and alt-right journalist Laura Loomer (right, via Loomer's Facebook).

Alt-right "citizen journalist" Laura Loomer provoked Las Vegas' normally even-keeled Sheriff Joseph Lombardo to raise his voice during a Monday press conference when she insisted on asking leading questions.

As Loomer asked questions about the FBI's "changing timeline" in accordance with the latest alt-right conspiracy theory alleging that the Vegas shooting was a "false flag," Lombardo swiftly cut her off.

"That's not how I conduct press conferences" Lombardo said as Loomer continued speaking. "Please stop asking your question. There's a decorum that we have here."

After the short exchange, Loomer took to Twitter to recount it to her followers.

"I just asked @Sheriff_LVMPD whether the @FBI timeline of #StephenPaddock has been changed since Valet receipts show a Sep 25 check in date," Loomer wrote. "He because [sic] very flustered and angry and said 'please stop asking your question.'"

She then re-tweeted a follower's recording of the exchange between herself and Lombardo, which they inferred "proved" her leading questions correct.

Loomer made headlines over the summer after she was arrested for rushing the stage at a Trump-inspired Central Park performance of "Julius Cesar."

You can watch the brief altercation below, via CNN.