'Not stable': Former Bush advisor says Trump is 'psychologically and emotionally not well' after fallen soldier incident
Former George W. Bush advisor Peter Wehner (Photo: Screen capture)

Former George W. Bush advisor Peter Wehner is concerned that President Donald Trump "is someone who is psychologically and emotionally not well."

During a panel discussion with Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio, Wehner noted that Trump continues to say abhorrent things because "he's not stable." Twenty-seven psychologists and mental health professionals agree with the take in a new book, but Wehner, who has served in three different White Houses, explained that Trump "creates more pain not less" and as a result, "it tears the social fabric of a country."

"It's not just this incident, this is one of a series of incidents," he explained. "There's data point after data point in the campaign and during the presidency. This is a president who has a disordered mind. He's impulsive and vindictive. And even when it is in his self-interest not to do certain things like drag Gen. Kelly's son into this or drag President [Barack] Obama into this, or get into a fight with the Khan family, or go after John McCain; he continues to do it. There's no strategy. This is a person who is just not in command of his emotions and feelings and actions."

Host Don Lemon recalled the remarks of Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, who similarly took issue with President Donald Trump's latest actions with the grieving family. In an earlier panel discussion, Hertling said that he has gone from thinking Trump's comments were "shameful" to "this has turned into something that is disgusting."

Wehner went on to say that sometimes the commander-in-chief is a pastor-in-chief, whose duty it is "to bring a healing grace to people who are wounded." He noted that not only can Trump not do it, "he takes these wounds and makes them deeper and wider and creates more pain, not less. That's important because it's deeply painful for the families. It also tears at the civic and social fabric of a country."

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