Olbermann: Pence's NFL protest stunt brings Trump's 'grift' on taxpayers to $1.2 billion
Keith Olbermann, host of GQ's "The Resistance" (image via screengrab).

Vice President Mike Pence's flight on Air Force Two from Washington, DC to Indianapolis to attend the 49ers game he left early cost $30,000 an hour. He charged taxpayers "untold thousands" to fly his entourage and Secret Service to the game that then required traffic to be redirected and police to be put on security detail.

All that for a "cheap, transparent, racist, divisive stunt," Keith Olbermann said on Tuesday, "that Trump later boasted was a stunt."

"But what does it matter to President Moron?" he asked. "It's not his money -- it's yours'."

The stunt cost taxpayers "nearly a quarter of a million dollars," Olbermann said, "making it one of the smallest negligent, indefensible wastes of taxpayer since this crew from a pirate ship took over the government in January."

He then detailed the excessive spending habits of Trump, his family and his cabinet members.

"This partial tally of your money, taken from you" by Trump and his aides is $1,232,943,000 by Olbermann's estimate.

"Hand it over," he concluded.

Watch him outline the many ways Trump and his team have ripped off taxpayers below, via GQ.