'She needs answers': CNN panel crushes Trump for blatantly lying about call with Sgt. Johnson's widow
Perry Bacon and A.B. Stoddard discuss President Donald Trump's response to Myeshia Johnson (Screen cap).

A CNN panel on Monday hammered President Donald Trump for lying about a phone call he had with the family of slain U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson.

While discussing Myeshia Johnson's Monday morning interview on Good Morning America -- in which the widow of La David Johnson confirmed the account of the phone call she had with Trump as told by Rep. Frederica Wilson (R-FL) -- CNN panelists Perry Bacon and A.B. Stoddard said that Trump made this entire situation worse by lying about what happened from the very beginning.

"It's clear that Congresswoman Wilson was absolutely correct in everything she described last week, and the president repeatedly lied and dissembled and was inaccurate about what happened," Bacon said. "Miss Johnson's comments are exactly what congresswoman Wilson said, and the president for whatever reason chose not to be accurate."

Stoddard agreed with Bacon's assessment and was amazed that Trump would lie about an incident in which so many witnesses contradicted him.

"Running to Twitter and coming up with fake stories about how somebody has lied about the phone call -- and obviously, that's not the way it went -- makes it so much worse, makes their pain worse," said Stoddard. "She needs answers. She doesn't need a big fight on Twitter with the congresswoman."

Watch the video below.