Shelbyville 'White Lives Matter' marchers taunted counter-protesters: 'I don't see Heather Heyer'
Anti-racist counter-protester in Shelbyville, TN (Screen capture)

On Saturday, BuzzFeed News reporter Andrew Kimmel posted video of an anti-racist protester at the Shelbyville, TN "White Lives Matter" march who reported that speakers at the march taunted counter-protesters by invoking the name of Heather Heyer.

"The most offensive thing they said today was when the short announcer -- he seemed to be the primary MC -- he came to the mic and said, 'I don't see Heather Heyer in the crowd over there,'" reported a woman who attended the counter-protest against the white nationalists and neo-Confederates who attended the march.

Heyer, 33, was killed when a white nationalist demonstrator rammed his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, VA last summer.

In addition, the woman said, the white supremacists shouted slogans like, "Black lives don't matter" and snapped "Seig heil" salutes in the style of World War II German Nazis.

Protesters against the white supremacists blasted Ritchie Valens' hit "La Bamba" as the march's leader Michael Hill spoke on Saturday.

Watch the video, embedded below: