Beatrice Fihn, the executive director an anti-nuclear weapons group that just won the Nobel Peace Prize, shares at least one thing in common with members of President Donald Trump's administration -- she, too, thinks the president is a "moron."

As Slate pointed out, Fihn, who heads the International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons, tweeted earlier this week that "Donald Trump is a moron."

When jokingly asked by a fellow Twitter user if Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who made headlines this week for calling the president the same thing, had hacked her account, Fihn responded in kind.

"I guess it's the first time I wholeheartedly support a statement by him!" she quipped.

As Slate noted, it's unlikely that recent Nobel prize laureates like Malala Yousafzai, former President Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger, would disagree.

Check out Fihn's tweets below.